Shopping guide : use this platform before pay

Are you hesitate to choose your desire brand or shop? Are you looking for buying guidelines for your desired products or service? If yes, then don’t look more. Here you can find the proper shopping guide with reviews.

What are you looking for?

We are looking for product and services. Compare products and finding the best brand. Explore buying guide and choose the best one. That means finding out the mistakes that someone else did and avoid that. But not every time.

What are you looking for


Although we are trying to get good one but not always. Some times we are unable to find the correct products and services. So we can find a platform that can guide us. I am following swagbucks and mypoints for purchasing new products online.

About Swagbucks

Though swagbucks is a survey platform but we can utilize this before buying from hulu or best buy or amazon. Even you can use swagbucks before booking hotel or flight ticket. You can find special offers and get back money (small amount) from this site.

About Mypoints

Mypoints is another platform for exploring offers or deals. They provide points. Points can be used for shopping. We can use this platform before shopping groceries from walmart or target. Purchasing products from KOHL’S or macy’s.

How to join and shop:

1. Join or Signup

You can join by using your facebook account or by using your gmail account

2. Mail verification

Verify your account by finding the mail that came from swagbucks or mypoints and then click that link

3. Find your desire shop or offers

4. Shop

5. Get rewards or cashback

shopping guide

Finally you can choose on your own. Your choice should be in there. Just find your desired offer and shop from here. You can find and put reviews here.