Are you looking for best survey sites? Are you frustrated seeking legit online paid survey sites? If so, look no more; here you can find researcher choice. I mean, the sites that are in top and they prefer first. There are some fixed criteria to meet up for being in top position. Few sites are capable to fulfill researcher needs. And these sites are in top-position. Managing the researcher demands, structure of survey site and provide opportunity to survey taker is the key aspects of their success.

Researcher Objectives

Research company doing research in different topics. Most common topics are products-review, different kind of services, political views and so on. They collect these data from survey sites. Then categorize these data in different aspects. And finding out the trends of customer’s views, their needs and choices. Human nature, preference, changing views are the core topics for the researcher.

Survey Site Objectives

They are in the middle position. They provide surveys in their site. Survey taker participate in surveys. And site collect their opinion by providing points. And the points can be converted in real money. Taking opinions from a group of people and providing it to researcher as per their needs. That is the goal for them.

Survey Taker Objectives

Survey taker participate in surveys to provide their opinion. Opinion should be clear and authentic. By providing their views they earn points as well as real money. Earn money is not a single objective for survey taker. They can learn about new products, services. Even know better about upcoming TV serials, pet foods, political aspects etc.

According to Researcher Choice these 5 sites are ranked in top position

1. Log on to the Survey Site

2. Sign up

  • Swagbucks – with your e-mail address or Facebook account
  • Gobranded – with your e-mail address or Facebook account
  • Inboxdollar – with your e-mail address or Facebook account
  • OneOpinion – with your e-mail address
  • MyPoints – with your e-mail address

3. Verify E-mail Address

4. Complete Profile

5. In the upper portion of the Home Page, select:

  • Swagbucks – Answer tab
  • Gobranded – Survey spotlight
  • Inboxdollar – Surveys tab
  • OneOpinion – Surveys
  • MyPoints – Surveys tab

6. Start taking Surveys

7. Check Available Earnings

  • Swagbucks – select the Rewards tab
  • Gobranded – Payout
  • Inboxdollar – Payments
  • OneOpinion – Payout
  • MyPoints – select Redeem Points on the upper right corner

8. Payment gateway is PayPal or Gift cards

If you wish to know more, read 7 Approaches to Paid Online Survey: Guidelines For Beginners.

Final words

These are the best online survey sites. And they provide opportunity to make money online in your spare-time. But you will not get rich by doing online survey. You can utilize your spare-time and make an extra income. Having fun and searching offers is another important topics under these sites. Lot of people are using these sites to gain bonus points. Bonus points that will drive to their account when they buy something from these sites. It’s like a win-win game for both.